Genesis of Decentralized Finance
The first network that hosts, powers and secures DeFi applications with value of real assets at stake. Your cross-chain access to uncapped liquidity and tokenized assets.
KIRA is a financial hub connecting decentralized Web3 applications

As an integral part of the Web3 stack KIRA enables value settlement between dApps and largest interconnected networks in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Thanks to uncapped value at stake originating from both real world and interchain space KIRA provides secure Layer 1 platform for deploying decentralized applications and issuing digital assets.

Use your assets to their full potential
Stake any asset
KIRA enables users to stake tokenized representations of any of their current assets.
Market access
Interchain Exchange Protocol provides access to all tokens, allowing users to stake on multiple chains
Retain custody
User stake directly on KIRA Network and retain full custody of their underlying assets
Staking derivatives enable users to receive network block fees and rewards and stake on leverage
KIRA utilizes the value of real world assets at stake to secure the network with no limitations of value at stake or types of assets
KIRA Network:
Upon launch of the Mainnet, KIRA users will be able to stake a variety of real world assets. To participate in the Testnet please join below.
Strategic Partners
Token Economy
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KIRA Joins Forces with Public Mint
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Connecting Crypto with Real World Economies
In this article, you will discover how digital fiat can be used to onboard users of legacy economies into the cryptocurrency space...
Latest News
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