KIRA Team is growing!
Join the team building the next DeFi revolution.
For all we offer:

- Fully remote work with flexible working hours

- Cutting edge Web3 blockchain technology

- Excellent bonuses for long-term hires!

KIRA is always looking for great hires and you can help! Refer qualified candidates to KIRA and if your candidate is hired and stays onboard 90+ days, you will receive a 500KEX reward!
Open positions
Frontend Developer

- Excellent knowledge of Dart & Futter with strong prior experience in Web and Mobile development

- Good understanding of Blockchain concepts such BIP39, Bech32, Public & Private key cryptography.

- Basic familiarity with Linux OS

Middleware Developer

- Excellent familiarity with Golang with strong prior experience in RESTful API development

- Good Understanding of Blockchain concepts, Infura, Bitcoin & Ethereum

- Strong familiarity with Linux OS

Infrastructure Developer

- Excellent knowledge of golang, rest API server applications, cloud platforms such as AWS

and deployment systems such as docker

- Excellent familiarity with Ubuntu as well as CI/CD tools such as Jenkins & Kubernetes.

Blockchain Developer

- Excellent understanding of Golang and cosmos-sdk with prior experience in blockchain development.

- Strong familiarity with Linux OS,

- Basic familiarity infrastructure development

Future Opportunities

- Tell us where you see yourself as part of the KIRA team