KIRA is built as the powerhouse of the Web 3 economy to host decentralized financial applications
  • Multi-Bonded Proof of Stake
  • Interchain Exchange Protocol
  • Initial Validator Offering (IVO)
Multi-Bonded Proof of Stake

Multi-Bonded Proof of Stake (MBPoS) is the first consensus mechanism that enables staking of any digital assets at the same time, while providing liquidity to all those bonded assets via natively supported staking derivatives.

MBPoS offers instant transaction finality, fast block times, and with Governance module assistance is capable of scaling security of the network by growing its non-sybil set of validators and by not having to depend on fair distribution of any single token.

The combination of nearly uncapped total value staked and uncapped number of non-sybil validators enables KIRA to securely process and settle cross-chain token transfers that would otherwise be impossible to be trusted with any other PoS blockchain currently in existence.

Actively managed staking interest rates allow KIRA Governance system to attract new delegators to boost security and increase activity of the network thus optimizing revenue generated to all stakeholders.

Interchain Exchange Protocol

The Interchain Exchange Protocol (IXP) is the first sharded Automated Market Maker (AMM) that supports asset swap and order execution over cross-chain communication protocols.

By separating order execution of each asset pair across dedicated parachains IXP makes it possible to list any asset pair in a fully permissionless manner and settle orders with instant finality without sacrificing speed of execution or security.

Governance of the network will further be able to create dedicated trading zones for Security Tokens and validators will be equipped with tools supporting dID verification to ensure legal compliance in the scope of future regulations of the blockchain space and to expand token listing offerings to exchange of real world assets.

Supplied by the MBPoS consensus with transferable staked assets Interchain Exchange Protocol can offer liquidity not achievable by any other decentralized network while incentivising further inflow of assets and stake into its positive feedback loop system.

Initial Validator Offering (IVO)

Initial Validator Offering (IVO) is the first decentralized launchpad that enables crowdfunding without the need for spending assets, locking capital or giving out custody over your tokens.

Investors stake their fungible and non fungible tokens to trusted validators on KIRA to mine new tokens. Thanks to MBPoS supporting liquid staking it is possible to participate in multiple IVO’s at the same time while maintaining liquidity, that is being able to freely trade or transfer all staked assets used in the crowdfunding process.

Any validator on KIRA will be able to deploy IVO as service for any third party. Projects raising funds receive block and fee rewards from network operations proportional to the stake bonded to their IVO validator, while investors get exposure to new assets, which can be instantly listed and traded thanks to KIRA Interchain Exchange Protocol.